Frederick Field’s Hexapla, in 2 vols.

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Frederick Field’s landmark edition of all known Hexaplaric materials in his day appeared in 1875. The proper title is not quite as long as the two-volume work itself: Origenis Hexaplorum quae supersunt, sive veterum interpretum Graecorum in totum Vetus Testamentum fragmenta. It was published in Oxford at the Clarendon Press.

Interest continues in Field’s work, as attested by the proceedings of the 1994 Rich Seminar, published by Mohr Siebeck in 1998. That seminar itself spawned the on-going work of the Hexapla Institute, which aims eventually to replace Field’s work.

In the meanwhile, Field is available. There is one copy of the two-volume set on, both very hefty scans, but well worth the download: Volume One | Volume Two.