A Concordance to the Septuagint, by E. Hatch and H.A. Redpath

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Unfortunately, one of the standard, staple reference works for biblical studies is not available on Archive.org, nor is it in Google Books, despite being of sufficient age to clear copyright. I’m referring to A Concordance to the Septuagint and Other Greek Versions of the Old Testament (including the Apocryphal Books) in Three Volumes by Edwin Hatch and Henry A. Redpath (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1897-1906). To be precise, only the third, “Supplement” volume is available, both at Archive.org as well as Google Books, if you reside in a country which Google permits viewing (i.e., not the UK).

UPDATE Since 2014, when this entry was first prepared, copies have appeared on Archive.org, either as three separate volumes, or with volumes 1-2 together (and inscribed by Thomas F. Torrance—his personal copy, I assume). These can now be used in preference to my index, below, which continues to “work”, and possibly retains some value.

An energetic contributor to Wikimedia Commons has uploaded a full set of page scans for the whole work. There are many, many page scans, however. There is no convenient viewing feature like “Read Online”, nor is there a consolidated PDF. I have compiled a rough-and-ready index of volumes 1 and 2, below, in order to enhance the usability of this valuable resource.

Greek Letter Begins on
α alpha page 1
β bēta page 188
γ gamma page 233
δ delta page 283
ε epsilon page 360
ζ zēta page 593
η ēta page 602
θ thēta page 621
ι iōta page 668
κ kappa page 697
λ lambda page 840
μ mu page 891
ν nu page 938
ξ xi page 956
ο omikron page 960
π pi page 1044
ρ ro page 1247
σ sigma page 1256
τ tau page 1333
υ upsilon page 1379
φ phi page 1423
χ chi page 1452
ψ psi page 1483
ω ōmega page 1491
- Vol. 3 page title