A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of Job, by S.R. Driver and G.B. Gray

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Job was the last OT book on which Samuel Rolles Driver wrote a commentary. In fact, he did not live to complete it, and invited George Buchanan Gray to complete the task; the commentary was published in 1921. Their respective contributions are laid out by Gray in tabular form in the preface (p. viii).

The commentary is unusually strutured for an ICC contribution. Originally published in two volumes, the first volume was the “commentary proper” amounting to 376 pages, while the second volume contained “philological notes” running to 350 pages. Very quickly, however, T & T Clark published them as a single volume, although retaining the original pagination. This is the edition that continues in print. Since its appearance it has been held in high regard, and it continues to hold its value. John Eaton calls it a “fundamental work” among Job commentaries.1

There are a number of different printings availabe on Archive.org, but the most downloaded edition is also the best of the scans. It is from a 1964 printing, from the University of Toronto library.

1 J. Eaton, Job (OTGuides; Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1985), p. xi.