Biblical Commentary on the Psalms, by Franz Delitzsch

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The major nineteenth century commentaries on the Old Testament by Carl Friedrich (= J.F.K. [sic]) Keil and Franz Delitzsch continue in print today. Perhaps one of the finest of that distinguished set is Franz Delitzsch’s commentary on the Psalms, originally published in 1859-60. It first found its way into English in 1871 in T. & T. Clark’s Foreign Theological Library, Francis Bolton’s translation being based on the second German edition. This remains the translation in print today.

Delitzsch incorporated corrections contributed by Bolton into his subsequent German editions, along with further revisions based on the scholarship appearing during the intervening years. Subsequently, a new translation of the later revised edition was undertaken and published, this by Funk & Wagnalls in the U.S.A. Unfortunately, only the first volume of this set appears to be available.1

Delitzsch was a fine Semitist, a scholar of sound judgment, as well as a man of deep faith. The combination produced a Psalms commentary which continues to be of value.


  • Bolton (T. & T. Clark) translation, vol. 1
  • Bolton translation, vol. 2
  • Bolton translation, vol. 3
  • Eaton/Duguid (Funk & Wagnalls) translation, vol. 1

The German original of the 4th edition of 1883 is also available in a single volume.

1 There is one entry giving the metadata for volume III, but each of its links erroneously points to the T. & T. Clark edition instead.